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10 Unique Ideas for your business cards

1. Appointment Cards - One of the most traditional uses for business cards is an appointment reminder. You’ve seen them all over town from a physicians office to a styling salon.

2. The Bag Stuffer - One of the best ways to get repeat customers is by placing a business card in every bag. The shopper will look at the card later, and many will put them on their refrigerators as a reminder of your business, product or service. You can include your contact information, upcoming sales and exciting facts and news about your business.

This is a way to remain in contact with your customers long after they have left your store. Not only are they great for your repeat customers, but you can also include them when creating a swag bag for an upcoming charity event or a goodie bag for handing out at your next local event.

3. Raffle Cards - Everyone loves to get something for free. If you are selling raffle tickets, a business card is a cost-effective alternative to an actual raffle ticket. Allow plenty of space on the card to enable those who enter to write their name on the back of the cards.

When you pull the winning card, it is much easier to have a name than a raffle number to identify the winner.

4. Coupon or Discount Card - You can have a coupon or discount printed on the business card. Place them on display in your window or the counter for your customers to see easily. You can offer rewards to your customers for giving them out when they make a purchase.

If your customers enjoy your products or services, there is a good chance they will return to redeem the coupon

5. Referral Cards - Referral cards can give your business a nice boost. Just like any promotional materials, you’ll want to make sure the card is well designed. Not only should they be appealing, but they also need to have the necessary information that is easy to read and understand.

Hand these cards to your best customers so they can give them to their friends and family. Offer a discount for the individual if the person comes in and presents the card. Providing a discount when this person makes their first purchase is an excellent way to increase your business. Make sure you decide on your program.

6. Informational Cards - An informational card enables your customers to learn about your business, products, and services. You can also include information about how you began your business. Adding a little personal touch can go a long way. When creating your information card, be creative.

You can include a calendar which can help keep the customer informed about upcoming sales, promotions, events, and festivals. The standard business card size is 3.5″ x 2.”, so they are relatively small which makes them easy for customers to grab and keep for later.

7. Event Tickets - Your business cards will make exceptional event tickets. When you are having an event, you can have cards printed with your business information, logo, venue information, time and date of the event. You can further entice your customers by using a fantastic design. You could use a raised font or foil accent in your card design to make them pop.

8. Networking Cards - Every day, we have the capability to create new business contacts. This may be while having lunch, at the bank or during a visit to the post office. You can have various conversations with these individuals, but that does not mean they will remember you, your business, products, and services offered.

9. Loyalty Cards - Your customers will enjoy having a loyalty card for your business. Business cards are just the right size making them easy for customers to hold onto, but also to stamp or punch every time a customer makes a purchase. Loyalty cards will help your customers to continue to come back to make make sure they continually get their card punched. This will help your business keep and ultimately increase repeat business.

10. Product Tags - Design your cards to hold information about your product. You can include bar codes or prices. Punch a hold at the top of the card and attach to the product.

Very unique product presentation.

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